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Time in Flight

Nov 12, 2021

Born in Mumbai, India. Moved to New York when she was a little girl. Her first love was music and she can play 7 instruments. Audrey fell in love with aviation at 16 and started going to Embry Riddle to be an aerospace engineer. That’s where she learned she actually wanted to fly and left Embry Riddle to pursue her flying career. She did her Private and Instrument training in Cirrus SR-22. It took her about 3 years to get the 1500 hours she needed to get to ATP and around age 22 she joined a regional airline. At age 25, she then decided to transition to Part 135 flying and went from a large regional jet to a turboprop King-Air and is now a New Hire at the largest fractional ownership/part 135 operator in the country.

With her passion for music, she’s seen being a pilot as being akin to a conductor of a symphony in how everything is orchestrated together.