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Time in Flight

Jul 20, 2021

Hunter Dunlap-Getting Commercial during Covid

This guest has been on the show before during the 2018 Oshkosh Air show, were recorded under the wing. The reason Hunter has returned to the show is that he has reached a major aviation milestone and earned his Commercial pilots license. As a non-career aviator, Hunter explains his passion and reason for pursuing an advanced aviation license that is not required for a private aviator. He discusses how speaking with friends and fellow pilots helped him come to his conclusion for investing in a pilot's license.

He started his journey by getting a Gliem ground school program and studied at home, and just after he successfully completed his written exam, the country shut-down for the Pandemic is 2020. He discusses his VFR Day ad Night Cross Country going through the NYC VFR Corridor and what it was like to land in White Plains, NY. He also talks about needing to reschedule his check ride due to springtime weather in Maryland.

Hunter also discussed what happened the day of his check-ride, to include the oral and practical portions of the test in a Technology Advanced Aircraft (TAA)

Looking back on his commercial experience, he appreciates all the new skills he’d learned and how far it has bought him, since first starting to fly in 2010.