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Time in Flight

Apr 30, 2020

Will Kool joins us this episode to discuss how he got into aviation and how in his quest to achieve this dream of flying, took him to many places around the country and to many different jobs, so aviation some not. He also goes on to discuss his unique perspective of the COVID-19 virus, since his spouse is a medical doctor. Will goes on to give some advice on what aviation resources he uses to stay in contact with his aviation communities such as: Women in Aviation, OBAP, NGPA, AOPA and Flying Magazine. He also uses as a news reference as well.

Captain Kool also discuss some prudent financial thoughts to consider during these trying times, for those that are already in aviation, such as, ‘don’t make career decisions based off of speculation’. Will also discusses some other matters such as trying to stay current on your aviation reading as well as what aviation movies and books have been on his mind, while he has been at home.