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Time in Flight

Jun 30, 2019

This episode hosts Rob Evans, who is a long time friend of mine, who, a couple of years ago was inspired to earn his pilot’s license.  He currently lives in the Settle area and had to face a host of challenges when it came to his training. This was recorded while his was a still a student pilot. This episode, which was originally recorded during Thanksgiving 2018, is being published out of order, so that it can honor Rob and his achievement of earning his Private Pilot’s License just the other week.

Rob discusses what it is like working full time and trying to get his flight lessons in only on the weekends and when weather, especially in Seattle, can hamper progress. He also discusses his study strategies on how he deals with long breaks in-between lessons and how he keeps his head in the game when it comes to ground school. He also talks about some of the unique experiences that the airspace around Seattle offers for a student pilot and discuses what is was like working with multiple flight instructors and the difference in teaching methods.

Thank you for listening and hope you enjoy the show!


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