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Time in Flight

Dec 29, 2021

Peter Zaccagnino went to Embry Riddle for an engineering degree. While he was learning about aerospace engineering, he was taking flight training and was getting to amass experience with flying sky-divers and getting tailwheel experience initially in a Pitts Biplane and then a Cessna 195, with a rotary engine. He was 19 when used that Pitts to get into aerobatic flying and discusses what that preflight entails. Peter loves to flight instruct in the MIG-29. He also likes to teach out of larger seaplanes to include the Grumman Mallard, Goose, and Albatross. Peter used his engineering knowledge to also fly as a test pilot. Peter has also raced both prop and jet aircraft in the Reno Air Races and has won 4 times, making him an Air Racing Hall of Famer. Peter is also the author of several books. The first one is Relevant and has just released the sequel called the New Cold War. Peter has also been on television shows such as Air Dogs and Aircraft Repo.

Links from the show: