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Time in Flight

Apr 17, 2018

Show Notes for Episode 3: Jay Delozier

This episode focuses on what motivated Jay to become a flight instructor and what life is like now that he is one. We take a look of the journey that Jay as been on as he first discovered his love for aviation all the way through to where he is currently teaching students today.

During our conversation, Jay discusses what he learned during his time as a flight student and how is perspective on aviation changed, once he achieved the level of flight instructor. He describes the learning path that he took from a rookie instructor to where he is now with over 1000 flight hours under his belt. We look at particular stories when he was flying with students that have now became real teaching moments in is flight instruction career. We also discuss various techniques to teach different aspects of flight training to include self study ground schools, such as ASA, Gleim, King and Gold Seal.

If you ever wanted to know how you could become a flight instructor or what life is like for one. Then join use for our conversation with Jay, and his Time In Flight!


For any questions that you have regarding what you heard in the show, or if you would like to be on the show yourself, please email:

Keep your wings up!