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Time in Flight

Apr 4, 2018

Welcome to the second episode of Time In Flight. Our guest today spent several years as an active flight instructor and has since moved up the ranks to Captain in a regional airline. Tim discusses how his journey began and why it took him three different flight schools to obtain his private pilot’s license. He then discusses how he went from wanting to fly recreationally to making aviation a career and how he decided to become a flight instructor. 

Tim discusses the concepts and tools that he found useful during his CFI training.  He describes how his teaching methods evolved for the time that he was training students. He also provides insights on how people can achieve their aviation goals by pursuing multiple avenues and being flexible in how you approach your flight training. 

In closing, Tim examines and reflects how his time in flight instruction has assisted him as he moved on to the airlines. He names the skills and benefits that assisted him in moving from single engine piston driven airplanes to twin jet airliners. He mentions that even though there is a large difference between the two; the fundamentals of flight are still applicable in both airframes. 

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Keep your wings up and avoid downdrafts!