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Time in Flight

Oct 12, 2018

Time In Flight: Episode 10 – Devin Durant

On this episode, Devin Durant, who just received his Private Pilots License (PPL) the day before, shares his experience and journey of what it was like to obtain this pilots license.  He describes what it was like to start with very little information on how to fly but a deep desire to be amongst the clouds. Devin ultimately attended three different flight schools before completing his training. He discusses how each one brought a unique experience to his training and how having a diverse training background can lead to having a more rounded skill set.

Devin also discuses who his post high school education has been going and his future educational plans, now that he has been accepted by the University of North Dakota’s (UND) aviation program. He also talks about remaining involved with aviation during his non-training hours and how working at the field base operator (FBO) at the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport helped fuel is passion for flying and aviation in general.

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