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Time in Flight

May 14, 2018

Myriam discusses how she got started in Aviation, from her original career choice of being a high school teacher. She outlines how she was able to achieve her aviation licenses using the local airfield by where she was living at the time. She mentions how building a good reputation around the airfield is very helpful when learning how to fly and listening to the more experienced pilots share their wisdom at the field. Myriam also discusses how she got her first job working for a regional airline and some interesting vignettes of that interview.

Myriam then discusses how she then transitioned to a fractional ownership company that flew Cessna Citations. From there she found herself behind the controls of a 747 working for Atlas Air Cargo and discovered that she could be anywhere in the world in six hours. She reflected that all flights while she worked at Atlas were ‘into the sun’.

Myriam’s current position is flying right seat for UPS in the Boeing 767. She discusses how she prepared for that position and what routes she prefers when she flies. She also discusses work/life balance considerations pilots must deal with to maintain their physical health.

In conclusion, Myriam provides some advice for aspiring young aviators on actions they could take if they are looking to pursue a career in aviation.

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Books Mentioned:

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

Flight of Passage: A Memoir by Rinker Buck

Movies Mentioned:

Children of the Magenta line